• What Is Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning?


    There's no question that summers are getting longer and the days are getting hotter. Many people are looking for how they can keep cool more effectively and save money on the cost of cooling. If you are among those then you should consider ducted air conditioning. This is a system that will save money and allow rooms to be cooler easier, and with lower-cost.

    What Makes This System Better?

    Because of the efficiency of the system and its unique way of cooling a home, it is not only possible to use it while leaving windows and doors open, it is necessary as part of the cooling method of this system. It allows healthy fresh air to be circulated through the home while maintaining coolness. This type of air conditioning does not dry out your eyes or skin, and its efficiency is overall better for the environment. As well, this type of system is extremely quiet which means it doesn't interfere when listening to the television or when trying to sleep.

    According to some tests, this type of system can save over $400 a year or more. For some people, it can reduce their monthly electric bill for cooling by a couple of hundred dollars per month. Although this system is using far less electricity, the home is cooler and more comfortable.

  • How It Works

    This system is mounted on the roof of a home rather than in the yard. Hot air enters the unit and it is cooled as it passes through moistened pads. It then blows the cool air through the ducted vents throughout your home. The hot air in your home is then pushed out of the open doors and windows allowing old air to be pushed out and new air to enter the home every few minutes. This keeps the air in the home cleaner and keeps it cooler. Very different from other systems that require you to close everything up and keep the stale air inside.

    This system uses water as a cooling agent to lower the overall temperature of the rooms in your home. The unit that is installed on your roof is connected to vents and outlets that have already been placed throughout the home.
    As air is brought into the system, it passes through wet filter pads and this is where the air is cooled and is then directed through the venting system to designated rooms, or in some cases, all the rooms of the house.

    While it may sound surprising, the hotter the air is, the greater the cooling effect will ultimately be.
    Unlike other systems that require the home be closed and insulated, this actually encourages you to open windows and doors in the home. Then, as the air from the system comes into the home it pushes hot air out allowing for fresh air to be in the home every few minutes.

    Many people have compared this type of cooling system to a sea breeze. Anyone who has spent time at the beach has noticed that the air there is often cooler than elsewhere. This is because the hot air goes out over the ocean and the moisture in the air helps to cool that hot air. This is accomplished through a process of evaporation. As moisture is evaporated the process cools the hot air. This is exactly how this type of cooling system works.

    Because it works with the process of taking hot air and cooling it using water evaporation it means that it's able to cool with a more natural process and this saves on electricity and increase its overall efficiency. Many homeowners find this to be an ideal system for them. If you are suffering from the heat you should consider installing one of these systems on your home.